Office Bearers

The office bearers help us manage and run the church. As well as below, you can contact the church at:
[email protected]

Fr Eldose KG Karukappillil

Vicar of Mor Baselious Church Bristol

Elthose Varghese

Secetary of Mor Baselious Church Bristol

Shinoy Thomas

Trustee of Mor Baselious Church Bristol

Managing Committee

The Managing Committee manages the churches activities, it consists of the office bearers, vice office bearers and 11 elected members.

Vice President - George Varghese (Geo)
Joint Secretary - Naisent Jacob
Co-Trustee - Sam Kuruvilla
MSOC Council Member - Naisent Jacob
PRO - Jinesh Baby

Mathew Zakharia
Joshy Kuriakose
Thankachan E.A.
Biju Varghese
Saibu George
Riju Varghese
Rejimon Abraham

Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam

The Vanitha Samajam is the ladies group, and is an integral part of our church. They contribute to the church with charity work, 24 hour chain prayers, etc.

President - Fr Eldose KG Karukappillil
 Secretary - Jessy Geo

Mor Baselious Youth Association

The youth group consists of the churches younger members, aged 15+. They do charity work and community service, as well as group activities.

President - Fr Eldose KG Karukappillil
Vice President - Noel George
Secretary - Evin Sam
Trustee - Goel Biju
Joint Trustee - Santra Mathew

Sunday School

The Sunday School is a place for the children of the church to learn about God and our church history. It is available for members aged 4 - 18.

President - Fr Eldose KG Karukappillil
Headmaster - Thankachan EA
Vice Headmaster - Shiny George